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Levistar provides telescopes that just work! Often people buy a first telescope for themselves or the kids to see the Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and all those other hidden treasures in the sky, but it turns out to be no fun at all because the telescope is too hard to use. The Levistar 90 is designed to be easy to use straight out of the box. It is easy to point at your target, needs no maintenance or difficult adjustments each time you use it and packs away into a padded bag that doubles as a backpack so you can take it anywhere and store it easily.

The Levistar 90 is great for daytime and nighttime use. Birds, animals and landscapes are seen up close with the brilliant optics of an astronomical telescope. And it is easy to share the view because unlike binoculars you don’t have to hold a telescope in place, just let the next person look at what you found. Next time you are camping out in a dark place with a sky full of stars, use the Levistar 90 to go exploring. The Levistar 90 will make your next camping adventure one to remember.

To find out more about Levistar products, visit them at site OS109 at the Expo!