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Amongst the many products that purport to solve the ubiquitous problems of mould and bacterial odour in boats, homes and caravans, there’s a completely different, better and safer alternative.

The Sunshine Coast Expo will showcase Durokleen, an advanced formulation set to transform the way households and entire industries address the control of microorganisms (bacteria and mould), across a wide range of small and large-scale applications.

“Durokleen is not like any conventional disinfectant”, says Durokleen’s Chairman Graham Blight. “It’s frankly much better — a modern, safer, longer-lasting, non-poisonous and highly effective alternative that offers all-round advantages over the severe, toxic chemicals we’ve all come to use and accept as standard.”

Durokleen justifiably claims to be a major improvement over traditional chemical disinfectants. Unlike harsh traditional treatments, which emit poisonous fumes and can bleach, stain and burn, Durokleen’s safe, no-fumes formulation eliminates 99.9% of unwanted microbes on contact, forming as it dries as an invisible, molecular-scale, physical antimicrobial barrier that keeps on protecting treated surfaces for months — not just hours.  As such, Durokleen offers longer-term efficacy along with greater personal safety, ease of application and, in commercial terms, improved cost efficiency because you won’t need to keep repeating treatments as frequently.

You can call in and meet Durokleen representatives at the Expo’s Durokleen exhibit, P253.