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So powerful – Up to 100 Day Control on Bacteria and Mould

Durokleen works in a completely different way to chemical disinfectants such as bleach and alcohol.

It is a patented, safe-to-use, water-based solution that is easily applied by soaking or spraying onto a wide range of hard and soft surfaces. Once applied, it forms a long-lasting antimicrobial barrier that actively destroys and prevents the spread of a wide range of moulds, mildew, fungus, algae, bacteria, viruses — even pathogenic bacteria such as MRSA and Golden Staph.

Durokleen is not only safer and powerfully effective, but it can also be substantially more economical for longer-term control of harmful bacteria, bacterial odour, algae and mould in countless domestic and large-scale industrial applications.

For more information about DuroKleen, visit them at the 2019 Sunshine Coast Expo on site P253.