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Adventure Outfitters Australia are the suppliers of high quality, innovative and functional outdoor brands including: Adventure Medical Kits (AMK), Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL), RapidPure, Skog Å Kust, Heroclip and Speaqua Sound Co. With both a recreational and professional background in outdoor adventure pursuits, Adventure Outfitters Australia have been able to identify, source and field test a range of unique outdoor products that are not only ideal for the Australian outdoor enthusiast … but they can enhance your outdoor experience.

ADVENTURE MEDICAL KITS (AMK) lead the industry in providing a range of activity specific medical kits with supplies to meet the unique needs of particular groups sizes and trip duration. Plus Trauma Paks to respond quickly to control severe bleeding. So whether your sense of adventure involves: hiking, camping, paddling, fishing or 4WD … you can always BE SAFE!

SURVIVE OUTDOORS LONGER (SOL) offer lifesaving, industry defining tools in the survival areas of shelter, fire & signalling. SOL products are designed to be durable, light weight and help the user solve life threatening problems. From Emergency Bivvies and Blankets, to Mag Strikers and Fuel-Free Lighters, to Floating Signal Mirrors and Rescue Whistles. All SOL products provide quick, simple and reliable solutions to help you EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!

RAPIDPURE: More than a Filter RapidPure is a game changing innovation for outdoor enthusiasts. In a single, fast and easy step RapidPure’s advanced protection system goes beyond filtration, removing 99.99% of harmful waterborne viruses such as hepatitis A, rotavirus and norovirus … as well as bacteria, parasites, protozoa, heavy metals and pesticides. NO Priming – NO Pumping – NO Chemicals – NO Batteries – NO Special Handling. RapidPure products do more than filter your water, they purify it … providing you with safe, great tasting water for wherever your adventures take you.

SKOG A KUST design and manufacture uniquely simple and highly functional products for outdoor enthusiasts. With a focus on all-weather protection while providing gear that is attractive for daily use. From BackSåks and DuffelSåks … to ChillSåks (soft sided coolers) and ToteSåks. There is a waterproof bag to suit every adventure!

HEROCLIP is the world’s first hybrid gear clip that hangs securely, swivels 360 and folds compactly … helping keep your gear organised and exactly where you want it, no matter the activity. Unlike other hanging solutions, Heroclip provides exceptional versatility to hang just about anything … just about anywhere! So whether you have an active lifestyle or you are an everyday adventurer, HANG YOUR STUFF | FREE YOUR HANDS with Heroclip.

SPEAQUA SOUND CO has revolutionized the portable music industry and redefined waterproof speakers Performance and purposeful versatility are the brand’s driving forces in creating the world’s first in-class line of functionally waterproof (audible underwater) speakers now you can have ‘more music more places’ with or without your phone.

See the range at Multi Sport Imports site OA260 during the 2021 Sunshine Coast Expo.