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Exhibitor Parking Pass

Parking Fees:

PLEASE NOTE: PARKING IS NOT FREE at this venue for EXHIBITORS (parking fees are set by the venue not Australian Events).

Parking passes can be purchased upon check-in at a cost of $15.00 for a 3 day pass. Failure to purchase a parking pass through Australian Events will result in a $5 entry fee for each entry into the venue.

Parking is at a premium at this event so we encourage exhibitors and staff to carpool or to be dropped off at the venue. The parking pass will allow you to park on Field 7 only.

Parking fees apply from Friday 12th October – Sunday 14th October

Parking Access:

Please note:

During Bump In, access to the venue will be off Sportsmans Parade.
During the Event, access to the venue will be off Nicklin Way.