This year, Dario Caravans and Repairs have decided that the 2018 Sunshine Coast Expo is the best place to showcase their best camper  – the Bushlapa Off-Road Camper Trailer !

Originating all the way from South Africa, this camper has been driven half way across the country from Adelaide to be at the 2018 event, just so visitors get the chance to see up close what makes this camper the best.

There are 4 models available of the Bushlapa Camper and Dario Caravans has exclusive rights to showcase the full range. From the 2 Sleeper Hopper to the 6 Sleeper Boabab, each camper is made from stainless steel and is lightweight which makes it easy for towing.

Bushlapa’s journey started with the dream to build the perfect off-road camper. Now its goal is to become the best not only in South Africa but Australia too. The Bushlapa is here to inspire you to go out and experience the beauty of the Australian outdoors.

Be sure to visit Dario Caravans and Repairs at the 2018 Sunshine Coast Expo to see their full range of Bushlapa Campers – they have travelled a long way to meet you !.


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